Our Family

The Clavet family are Christian and love the Lord. Allen and Debra have 6 adopted kids and they are all wonderful! They have been blessed by the Lord who gives us strength and keeps the family running.  Allen is a computer engineer that has a lot of knowledge about computers!  If you ask him any questions about computers he will give you an answer! Debra is a R.N. {registered nurse} from Michigan. She knows all about the human body and biology. The family has also taken in a lot of pets!! The family loves the Lords creation.This family hosts and creates Christian websites. They are the main ones behind the C.S.N. organization. 

Our Family of Believers!

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Besides our family, you can post info here about your family.
After all you are part of our family too. We all have the same Father in Heaven..


2 comments on “Our Family
  1. avatar lee says:

    yeah!!awesome!!i wrote the profile of our family!!!

    {arent i good!!}
    {allens doughter lee.j{newest adopted kid}

  2. avatar lee says:

    yea!!our family rockss, huh?!!!!
    our family is awesome!!!
    im so glad i got adopted into the Clavet family!!!!!!
    i love my family!!!!

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