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Here you will find stuff to download and information about what we may have to offer as stuff is posted or uploaded to our site.

Welcome to our download Section where you will find useful tools and information to download.

NotePad + + Installer – An Easy to use Windows Notepad like Webpage Editor. You can view your site as you edit by clicking the run option from its menu and selecting your Favorate Browser and See your site as you edit.  This program is recommended by Allen C of CSN.
WebsiteBuilder For those of you who are not as techie this website builder will do the trick. Kompozer Website Builder is a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) site builder. It has full features for adding text, backgrounds and graphics/pictures. Items can also be copied and pasted into the program. This is a update of the NVU Site Builder so for those of you that have used NVU will reconize the program. This program is recommended by Allen C of CSN.

E-Sword is a easy to use serious Bible Study software with many comprehencive search features. This program is free to use for all and to distribute free of charge. If you are wondering why it is not hosted directly on CSN even though its free of charge it is a current violation of its free software license to host outsite of the authors site. If you would like to see this software hosted here and on other sites please ask the Author when visiting his site. This program is recommended by Allen C of CSN.
Here is the Gaming Client for MineCraft for connecting to any Server including the CSN Minecraft Server. It includes extra features (mods) already packed in for you.  Just click on the download link and save where ever you want on your computer. Then run the self extractor. When that finishes you will have several files. Click on the one Named Install and just follow the instructions. It will give you a complete install and will have our server URL loaded in it for you. Or you can type in your own if you wish. CSN-MineCraft-Client-Installer

This program is Recommended by Allen of CSN.

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